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  Sander   Full name:
Sander Emanuel Xavier Berglund Francis

february 15th, 1998

Sander is the twin brother of Steven, and is born 2 minutes before him; Thus he is the "big brother".

Sander is an relaxed guy. He likes to slow down and enjoy himself (alone or with others). If he falls when he is out walking, that is a sign that it's time to lessen the pace and enjoy life. There is also so much to wonder about....

After his little brother, Steven, has explored the frontiers, and there is an opening in view, of course, Sander wants to show that he as well can manage the task. It is O.K. that someone goes in front.  Then you don't have to risk to waste energy on useless experiments.

It is also important to be up-to-date about current events in the World; So, reading the newspaper has to be done. There are unfortunately too few pictures, but luckily there's a enough of pages to go through.

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